how to list your business

A listing in Mum's the Word is a cost-effective way to market your business to local families.  We list legitimate and reputable businesses, ensuring that our families can rely on the services listed here. 

We're passionate about helping small businesses succeed - and we love to help families find great services.

Below, we explain the different options for your listing.

  • Use the form to the right to request your listing in Mum's the Word - Melbourne.
  • When you submit your form, the website will re-direct to the payment section.  In the payment section, you are required to select the listing type of your choice and make payment.  Once you make payment, your web page/s will be live within 2 days.
  • I will be in touch to verify details and obtain your logo and any photos you would like on your listing.

How will a listing benefit my business?

There are several key benefits:

  1. You'll have your own web page/s on our site, not just a listing.  Your web page will be
  2. Outstanding - and low-cost - opportunities to promote your business via our Platinum Listing
  3. Outstanding SEO.  Our site has excellent SEO.  As well, you will have your very own web page within this site, using your own business name.  This boosts your own site's SEO.  Finally, your business is named on two pages within this site: your own business page and the page of listings for your category.
  4. The contact page on your web page forwards directly to your inbox.  It's a quick and easy way for a woman to make an enquiry.
  5. The website is responsive, meaning it runs equally well on a tablet, smartphone, desktop etc.
  6. Our directory is local.  The families coming to our website are local families, looking for local services.
  7. Cost-effective: we offer several cost-effective options for your business's listing, whether you're just starting out or whether you're an established business.  We offer opportunities beyond a simple listing to ensure your business gets the exposure you need.


We’re a teeny bit selective about who we list and what services we list. This is to ensure that our directory remains relevant and accurate for the Mums and families who rely on this directory to find the services they need. 

Here are the basics:

  1. We only list services for mothers, babies and families through pregnancy, birth and the new parenting period.  We list health services and any other service that caters to the needs of families during the childbearing time.
  2. You also need to be personally registered / qualified / accredited / licenced (insert the correct word) to offer the services that you say you offer, and those services must be advertised on your website.  Eg if you want to be listed under Psychology - you must be a registered psychologist and currently offering psychology to families / women / young children as advertised on your website.

Happy with this?  We'd love to list you!

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